Monday, June 05, 2006



Well it would appear that I have been an extremely lax blogger lately. What can I say life has been a little crazy lately. I am wrapping up a large mural commission that has taken consiberably longer than I first estimated, house hunting has reached a desperate frenzied pitch, and I am trying to start a business.

Yes yes I know these all could have been opportunities for new blog entries but I just haven't had it in me. Also part of my business is that I will have a new shiny pretty blog on my new website (read not a blogger blog), I will no longer be tied to the irrational whims of technical blogger difficulties! So this has caused me to become more dissatisfied with this blog's aesthetics.

Anyhow I have finished my back-tack softie and I think it turned out pretty well. Full shots will be posted once the little dear has landed in New York city until then you will have to content yourself with this teaser shot.

I recieved my softie from Oscarcat and it is quite wonderful! I will post photos and full details tomorrow when I have some natural light.


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