Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Thrifty 60's luck

Well spring has gone to my head a bit, in Oregon we all start to get a little crazy when the sun finally reappears. Like masses of the undead we wander outside in a trancelike daze. Well my spring dazes have been taking me to the thrift store (like I don't go every week already...shhh)I have discovered that spring is excellent thrift hunting season, unlike me, everyone else in Portland is purging and spring cleaning while I simply continue to amass. I have been scoring loads of amazing 60's dress patterns, here is one I have already started working on. I am making it up in a lovely medium green vintage linen.


And to go along with my knitting fever I found some Vogue Knitting magazines from 1960...score! I know it isn't knit but I think I might die if I don't find some polka dot fabric like this and make a similar dress immediately, it is so darling I can hardly stand it!


Inside are many drool-worthy patterns including the white number on the bottom with the applied crochet flower pot. I think I would make it up in navy. Oh and I am not a fan of horizontal stripes (they make us shorter folk look even shorter)but boy these are some lovely specimens.


I have also been finding great pieces of vintage fabric in several yard lengths (I did something to make the thrift fairy very happy). Here are two of my favorites just because they are so bright and so garish.

Well it is another beautiful sunny day today so enough time in front of the computer, I am off for a spring walk.




Blogger Jade said...

WOW! That's quite a haul! All of the patterns are great, but you are right, the polka dots are the BEST.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Nell said...

Are the patterns in a size 12? Back when a 12 was a "perfect size 12".
I live walking distance to the Pasadena S.A. you have inspired me to go thrifting.
going to Urban Outfitteers is like a trip to an alternate reality where clothes that appear to be ready for the trash heap cost $78 and UP!

8:11 PM  

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