Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Green Wednesday

thrifted green
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I thought I would get in on some of this color fun! I found this set of green glasses at a salvation army in Pasadena CA. I just couldn't resist the combination of fern and ginko leaves (and really, why resist?)

Speaking of household house is currently in a state that can only be described as hoo-ra nest like (a hoo-ra is a mythical southern bird which primarly takes up residence in messy hair or in this case just a giant house-sized mess)
However, this is no ordinary mess born from lack of desire to clean, no my friends, this is a mess with purpose this is a mess that is all business. Craft business that is. The entire house has been rearranged in order to accommodate a larger workspace for me and my tiny sprout of a crafty venture. I am still in the teetering pile sorting stage, but I am hoping to soon progress into the orderly useable workspace stage, wish me luck!


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